"Faster and easier than a paddle boat, get fit and have fun!"

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Feedback clients

Here's what our customers think (we sell the Seacycle since 2002 and the product exists since 1992)

"Very satisfied. A lot more fun than a paddleboat. In addition to exercising, we go quickly without forcing." Rock, Val des Bois

"The Seacycle really has style, very satisfied. A paddleboat goes nowhere. With the Seacycle you can do good rides and also do a healthy training ..." Mr. Gagné, Lac Kénogami

"The Seacycle is fun. I sail on the river and I feel instantly in vacation. I see ducks, geeses, marine wolf and they are not afraid of me. It's like the tranquility of a canoe, but much more comfortable as you sit square ... I recommend it! " Louis, from Gatineau

"I love the Seacycle because it goes fast without much effort ..." Bruno, from Morin Heights

 "We love the Seacycle. It is easy to handle, even if is windy or not windy. It's going very well ..." Aline and Gaston, Magog

"I love the Seacycle. It's going much faster than our paddleboat and we can go further on the lake. Since I am Seacycling I no longer use our paddleboat. I give it instead to the childrens who come to visit…." Marie and Gilbert,  Kénogami

"A feedback, Actually I have two that come to mind.
No. 1- The Seacycle is very quiet on the water: We're in the the morning, the sun is shining, the water is like a mirror and suddenly a loon emerges from the water, close to me! Without being scared, he follows for a moment before diving again. I really did not need any google to watch this beautiful bird, it was a magical moment.
No. 2-the Seacycle is relatively powerful. Here's the thing:  my wife and I go for a ride on the Seacycle. When we got to the dock, we see the boat of my friend " Gilbert " which is detached from its anchoring and drifting. Without wasting a minute we catch the boat and tow it to its anchor point. The boat is an in-board 17 feet. I'm having fun all the time with this story. " Line and Vital Cascouia Bay, Lake Kénogami.

River "Le Verdon" Aiguine, France.
Mr. Beausoleil, rental business: Those pictures worth thousand words!

"When I saw the Seacycle in a magazine, I realized I could make a mini pontoon and live aboard. And that's what I did. Now, I just have to anchor and I'm intalled for the night. In 2008 I left the river Kinston in Cornwall to visit the thousand islands. Super nice. Then, I went later to the Toulnustuc reservoir east of manic for 400 km, it is my favorite spot. "

J-Pierre Godon retired, St-Féréole des Neiges

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